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Forensic Computer Exams

Forensic Computer Examinations are conducted under strict controls to ensure that information found during the examination of a computer is admissible in a court of law.

During the course of an examination, our clients can generally expect the following types of information to be recovered:

  • Letters, memos and other documents
  • Spreadsheets and Database Records
  • Email
  • Chat Room Conversations
  • Instant Messages
  • Financial Records
  • Photographs and graphical images
  • Internet history and usage records
  • Address and phone lists
  • Deleted Files
  • Date and Time that files were created, last modified and last accessed
  • Hidden data or password protected data
  • Data that was written to the hard drive by the operating system without the users knowledge

It is important to know that Alabama Forensic Data Services understands the complex nature of forensic computer examinations. We have the training, experience, equipment and software to successfully complete an examination for you. While many examiners today are limited to a single software solution and their only training is based on that software, we utilize multiple software applications and attend a wide variety of training opportunities.

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